About me


I was born in Sardegna and I came to Pisa to study Foreign Languages at Pisa’s University.

I’ve been living here for 8years. After I got my degree, I spent a year abroad, to improve

Spanish and English, above all. Thanks to my enthusiasm for History of Art, I started to

attend the class to become Tour Guide of Pisa and Florence. In 2008 I have started to work with

passion as Licenced Courier and Guide, conscious of the cultural and moral

enhancement that such profession brings. I enjoy spending my time with people,

explaining them our monuments and works of art and taking them to taste some fine local


The Visitmore project aims to spread a new and different idea of tourism: the concept of a

“slow visit” deep inside the culture of my country, against the contemporary concept of  a

“fast culture”.

I take up with optimism the challenge of Visitmore, because I am sure that my passion

and love for this job will bear fruit!


Bernadetta Ladu